“We believe in providing our guests with experiences they will never forget” – J.S. Anand, Founder

From location to hospitality, Leva serves the best in living experiences. Redefining the concept of hospitality with a unique blend of style and class, Leva combines a vast array of modern properties that covers an entire gamut from luxury hotels to affordable upscale residences. In addition to providing distinctive services, all Leva properties offer a unique blend of state of the art technology with artistic innovation.

Blending reliability, consistency and attentive service with chic elegance, we build the perfect experience for you. We are competent in every aspect of the hospitality business. Over the years, we have gained experience in running profitable and highly successful hotels around the world with a strict adherence to best practices. Thus, ensuring profitability for the owners and uncompromising standards of service for the guests.

Innovation exists in every aspect of the Leva property, right from the aesthetics, soundscapes and even the service that bears the trademark of excellence and passion. Leva promises to make you their passion in purpose – in every rendezvous, in every location, across the world.

Pamper yourself with contemporary decor, warm hospitality and an unparalleled experience that will stay with you and keep you coming back for more. Leva’s aesthetic is the inspired by modern designs and is perfectly suited for the current generation. In true avant-garde style, it seeks to break the norms to provide services that are both style and substance.