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Leva’s owner proposition

Five properties (and counting) in our portfolio.

Design-led concepts that are innovative and inclusive.

2021 has seen our brand evolve with exciting new hotels in the making.

  • Flexibility in location, product, and management Cost-efficient and flexible hotel conversion expertise. We give each property the Leva stamp with subtle branding updates.
  • No two hotels are alike Our properties are designed to be different. But they all offer LEVA’s signature touches. We’re spontaneous but consistent. Cutting-edge but relatable.
  • Hotel owners and guests enjoy a win-win solution Economic proposition. Competitive fee structure. Profitable partnerships. Fun without the fuss. It’s really that simple.
  • Strategic Partnerships So how do we maximize revenue? By working with the best in the business.

We partner with a global distribution system to generate more revenue for hotel owners, weave seamless connectivity into our internal and external processes, and reach travelers around the globe.

We make our mark with a branding and design agency that packs our signature LEVA punch into all our visual content and collateral.

We stay one step ahead of the game with a leading global hospitality software. This keeps us tuned into industry trends and forecasts.

We keep our revenue on an upward curve with cutting-edge revenue management. This helps us keep our finger on the pulse of our finances and gives our owners & stakeholders better insights as well.

We make hot headlines with a Dubai-based PR agency. This keeps LEVA on our target audience’s radar; boosting strategic visibility.

  • Our approach is professional yet personalized You receive knowledge-backed guidance, tools, and resources.
  • Lean and effective staffing models We use an efficient operating system for maximum profitability.
  • Working smarter, not harder We outsource F&B operations. Minimal costs, maximum revenue.
  • Bringing hotels to life We design hotels. We transform hotels. We do hotels.


Whether we’re building a hotel from scratch or renovating an existing one, we’re building a space that makes an impact. Our interior design touches on context, comfort, and convenience. After all, first impressions count.


Putting LEVA on the map

LEVA Mazaya Centre – our flagship hotel in Dubai. This is the start of countless Leva properties in the region and world over. The brand is poised for exciting, continued growth. Leva has plans to accelerate expansion through both management and franchise models across high-demand and under-penetrated cities in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Our distinct business model makes LEVA a brand that guests want to experience and that hotel owners and stakeholders want to work with. LEVA’s format transcends all cultures and caters to all demographics.

This gives us a competitive edge. And a formula for success. The LEVA brand is gaining momentum with the opening of its flagship hotel in the heart of Dubai – LEVA Mazaya Centre – and has since demonstrated a strong potential for expansion. The brand is poised for continued growth with plans to accelerate expansion through both management and franchise models across high-demand and under penetrated cities in the GCC as well as other parts of the Middle East such as Jordan and Iraq, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Resivation Managed by Leva

Bringing an exciting new living experience to Dubai, The Resivation Managed By Leva, is a trendy new property in the heart of Al Furjan. The 150-room property boasts a novel concept, specially designed as a wallet-friendly “home away from home” for Dubai’s travelling professionals. With a range of living experiences to choose from, guests can explore the property’s Executive Room – Twin, Double Room, and Deluxe Room. Room rates start at a jaw-dropping introductory offer of just AED 1,849 per month. The property’s rooms are ideal for co-living colleagues, working couples, freelancing friends, and individual professionals. In-room features range from storage solutions, reading lights, and a desk to wardrobes, mini fridges, and smart TVs. The Deluxe Room includes a chic lounge area and balcony. The upscale co-living space delivers all the comforts of home under a single roof, with the added touch of luxurious hospitality. What distinguishes The Resivation Managed By Leva from other business hotels is its distinct style. Conventional business hotels tend to have a corporate atmosphere, leaving guests unable to truly unplug from work. This property brings first-rate amenities, impeccable service, and contemporary design to the fore.

Fusing fun and functionality

The Resivation Managed By Leva creatively combines work and play with a gym and yoga studio, a games room, a community kitchenette, dining rooms, a community laundry room, a grab-and-go facility for busy mornings, and a rooftop shisha terrace for relaxed evenings. Despite its community spaces, comfortable privacy remains a priority at the co-living property. All rooms are fully-furnished and come with a spacious en suite bathroom.Designed for digital nomads The Resivation Managed By Leva is designed for professionals on the go.

Enjoying a prime location that’s close to the Expo 2020 site, the property offers an “all-inclusive bill”. With absolutely no hidden costs, the property’s package includes rent, hotel utilities, WiFi, housekeeping, maintenance, and security. Guests also receive a complimentary shuttle service to and from Al Furjan metro station (located 800 meters away from the property).

Practicality takes centre-stage at The Resivation Managed By Leva with contracts that are low-priced and flexible. Guests can also take advantage of wallet-friendly meal plan subscriptions and tailored annual contracts. The Resivation Managed By Leva is spearheaded by LEVA Hotel Management LLC, an emerging lifestyle hospitality management and hotel brand in Middle East and Africa. This property is one of many in the brand’s growing portfolio.

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