About the Brand

Founded in 2019, LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel concept created to offer a fresh and more accessible perspective to the hospitality industry.

We’ve been wondering a lot. About that vibrant fun energy traveling used to create when you were young – and where to find it these days. After 25 years within some of the world’s largest hotel chains, JS Anand decided enough was enough. this feeling was growing on us. He missed the novelty of experiencing a destination for the first time, and the lively ambiance found in smaller, more personal hotels. He wanted something different from the corporate, generic hotels with efficiency as key value. Big hotels generally think – that’s right – big, but forget about the small details that makes a big difference. And the smaller, cheaper hotels sure can have good vibes, but often lack comfort and luxury. It seems hard to squeeze both curiosity and sophistication into one building. Difficult to be both energetic and boutiquey. Until this place happened. A place for not only eating the cake, but for having it too. Our idea is simple. To take the luxury and care from the world of boutique hotels and fuse it with a dynamic, youthful vibe. To make it welcoming but affordable, sophisticated yet personal. A place for experiences and exploration. That’s why we created LEVA. A place for the slightly more curious. Based on the Latin word ‘levatio’, meaning comfort and solace, LEVA has an enthusiastic tribe of fans who have helped the brand’s flagship property, LEVA Mazaya Centre – Dubai, reach the number one spot on TripAdvisor just three years after opening. The hotel is an example of the brand’s ability to transform a property quickly and effectively. In only six weeks, LEVA’s team took the project from bare concrete to completion, ready to welcome its first guests.

Our Founder

Named as part of Forbes' Top Travel and Tourism Leaders in 2023 and one of the Most Powerful Leaders in Dubai by Arabian Business Magazine, with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and an impeccable record of notable achievements, JS Anand is a prominent hotelier and passionate corporate leader. After earning his diploma in hotel management, he refined his hands-on management style as he advanced through senior roles in world-class hospitality companies. He has been featured on the Power 50 - Most Influential Leaders by Hotelier Middle East, Executive Power list 2023: The Most Influential Hotel Leaders in the Middle East, Most Innovative Business Leaders Inspiring The World 2022 by The Excelligent Magazine, and Most Influential Entrepreneurs From Dubai To Watch in 2022 By The Gulf Entrepreneur Magazine. People-centric and future-focused, JS aims to make an impact on the hospitality industry by building on the importance of employee well-being and satisfaction, creating an unforgettable service culture that gains global recognition, and being more involved in humanitarian causes around the world. Building long-lasting connections play a pivotal role in his work, especially in his mission to propel LEVA across the MENA region and Europe. JS is a charismatic corporate leader with a hands-on management style. He lives by the company’s core values that are firmly focused on delivering, efficiently and effectively, what was promised to its stakeholders and clients. Now he is committed to creating the best lifestyle hotels in the Middle East and beyond, becoming one of the leading hotel management companies dedicated to clarity, transparency, and delivering on its promises to clients and stakeholders.

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