LEVA Hotel Management LLC. provides third party hospitality management services in relation to a hotel owner’s ‘own brand’ or a ‘franchise brand’ of a hotel chain.

Benefits For Hotel Owners

  • Offers more flexible contract terms than direct management.
  • Relieves investors from the day-to-day running of their asset.
  • Access to the global distribution system of a brand coupled with the local expertise and personal service of a management company.

Full-service management of third-party hotel assets includes guidance and oversight to property in all areas.  We provide day-to-day operational, accounting, human resources, food & beverage and sales to each of our hotels.

We have our PR and Marketing agency that takes care of all our PR and marketing strategies and endeavors.

We have our in-house hotel designer that will assess the minimum cosmetic changes of any assets based on the owner’s design and budget perspectives.

We are fully equipped with the latest technology having partnered with reputed companies worldwide for our PMS, GDS, POS and Back office software solutions.

Why Choose Leva Hotel Management LLC.

  • Flexible terms – Unlike many hotel management providers, Leva Hotel Management LLC. is equipped to operate smaller, budget and midscale hotels as well as larger upscale assets with a minimum cosmetic change required for a ready built hotel.
  • Transparency – Leva Hotel Management LLC can provide maximum Return on Investment to the asset owners, providing transparency in every financial aspects of each hotel asset.
  • Proven ability – Staffed by hotel industry experts, LEVA Hotel Management LLC. has the international experience and local know-how to maximize success, keeping costs low and maximize profitability.

Expertise and Services

Property Development

The success of a hotel asset can often depend heavily on putting the right brand, in the right place, at the right time. The-experienced LEVA Management team are equipped to assist with all aspects of site selection and property development, including:

  • Site identification and validation
  • Concept development and adaptation to the regional market
  • Brand owner preliminary approval and license agreement
  • Program plan preparation
  • Market analysis

Design and Construction

We provide guidance on the design of guest rooms and public areas according to a multitude of segments and star ratings. The team can also provide recommendations for the often-overlooked back of house space, in order to help optimize the subsequent operation of the hotel post-opening. Services, including FF&E procurement and the ongoing supervision of contractors, include:

  • Design reviews and approval
  • Development budget management
  • Investment cost optimization
  • Construction and furnishing supervision
  • Pre-opening services

Recruitment and Training

At its core, hospitality is a people business. In order to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, maximizing guest satisfaction and minimizing labour turnover, we are able to deploy a range of resources and expertise including:

  • Development of an appropriate staffing matrix
  • Recruitment of the highest calibre General Manager and HODs
  • Induction plans and ongoing training
  • Personal development and succession planning
  • Employee recognition and reward schemes
  • Employee satisfaction surveys


The smooth and efficient running of a hotel impacts more than just the bottom line. Guest safety and satisfaction as well as compliance with local authority regulations are just a few of the many components affected. Experienced in all aspects of hotel operations, the LEVA Management team continually strive to deliver optimum gross operating profit as well as maximum stakeholder satisfaction. Services include:

  • Operational strategy and procedures
  • Functional day-to-day operations in the best interest of the Owner
  • Safety and quality audits
  • Guest satisfaction monitoring
  • Optimal financial performance
  • Timely reporting (statutory, brand owner and investor)

Sales and Marketing

With the ongoing proliferation of technology, a growing sharing economy and an increasingly mobile and information-rich consumer, the marketplace for guest accommodation is becoming ever more competitive and fragmented. With this in mind, we are focused on delivering the most heads in beds at the optimal rate, reducing cost of sale and third party commissions and ultimately increasing Gross Operating Profit. Sales and marketing services from LEVA Hotel Management LLC. include:

  • A sales and marketing plan bespoke to each hotel
  • Revenue management and yield optimization auditing and support
  • Online distribution audits and customer segmentation
  • Full channel mix marketing
  • Sales training and support

Brand Compliance

We passionately believe in the power of a brand. Whether to provide peace of mind to international travelers going to a new destination, rich loyalty benefits to frequent guests, or simply an aspirational experience, brands have consistently been shown to impact purchase decisions. Working with international brands also opens the door to global distribution systems, sales forces and procurement savings, with branded hotels often commanding a higher ADR than independent competitors. However, in order to benefit from the power of branding, hotels must deliver on the brand promise – something that LEVA Hotel Management LLC.supports every step of the way.

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