What are LEVA Hotels’ expansion plans?

At the time of writing, LEVA Hotels is aiming to add 75 new properties to its portfolio by 2032. Eyeing markets such as Saudi Arabia, Doha and Egypt, Leva said the region is lacking in ‘affordable luxury’ properties.

Currently, the group has five properties across MEA. These include the flagship Leva Hotel Mayaza Centre and Resivation by Leva in Dubai; and Emin Pasha Leva in Uganda.

Leva Hotels’ business model

Leva Hotels has been built from the group up as a hospitality group focused on delivering maximum returns to investors. Investors can either partner with Leva Hotels on the construction of a new property or collaborate with them to transform an existing property with subtle design modifications, adding in elements of the Leva brand which is tailored to the owner’s budget, instead of being imposed with a costly design modification.

Another feature that prioritises return on investment is tight and structured lean staffing models. Ownerships are also given the option of leasing or getting an external operator to create a concept and run the entire F&B operation in order to meet the ownership and brand’s requirements.

JS Anand, founder and CEO of LEVA Hotels & Resorts explained: “Our processes are thoughtfully designed to deliver consistent service with added value to our guests and practical results to our stakeholders and hotel owners. We’re proud of what we have built with a thought process that aligns with low investment, easier conversions or new builds, and competitive and logical fees.”

He continued: “Our growth is not about acquiring assets for management at any costs for the brand but understanding that we can deliver results because that’s what matters to the hotel owner. And for us, LEVA’s reputation remains our priority as it defines us as a result-oriented and dynamic out-of-the-box operator. Ownerships have the need to recognise how the industry has evolved in the current times.”

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