LEVA Hotels and Resorts' Founder and CEO, J S Anand, talks about the brand’s vision, “We are aiming to introduce a fresh perspective towards traditional hospitality into the top tier markets in the region with our unique offering and superior value proposition by providing innovative and flexible management solutions for hotel owners."

He says, “Our goal is to grow with our sub-brands - EKONO by LEVA, LEVA Residences, and LEVA Hotels. Each property by LEVA is unique in concept but offers similar standards of services across all properties. In line with our efforts to maintain consistency, we are working on incorporating advanced technologies supporting sustainability.

“We have already implemented this at our flagship hotel in Dubai which is helping ensure positive guest experiences.’’

LEVA offers full-service management of third-party hotel assets including guidance and oversight of the property across all areas. Enshrined in its proprietary brand manual of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Leva’s signature service blueprint, the company’s management services encompass all aspects of day-to-day operational, administrative, accounting, human resources, sales, and marketing strategies.

“Thanks to our clever value proposition and tailor-made approach to hospitality management, LEVA is also flexible to operate smaller hotel properties that larger, less nimble hotel chains may not consider viable.

“We maximize profits from such hotels through such measures as lean staffing model, outsourcing of F and B, and other specialized facilities, clustering of management where possible, and emphasizing the price premiums achievable from personalized, design-led boutique rooms and suites.”

LEVA’s Strategic Approach

Fresh and Innovative Brand Identity - LEVA Hotels understands and acknowledges the gap faced by the industry and thus offers ‘Redesigned Hospitality’ that caters to midscale segments. LEVA Hotels is working towards enhancing the region’s hospitality offering with its properties which are all design-led, digital-first, and wallet-friendly.

Conversion Expertise -Whether we're converting existing property or building a new hotel, we are experts at creating cost-efficient hospitality projects that maximize returns for our stakeholders. We are results-oriented, focusing on flexible management solutions for stakeholders and building a portfolio of properties whilst optimizing operating models.

Profitable Business Model A superior economic proposition with a competitive fee structure for profitable partnerships. Flexibility in terms of location, product, and management offerings. With profound expertise in hotel conversions, LEVA Hotels has a carefully tailored structure to ensure stakeholders and hotel owners receive superior returns on their investments. Investors can either partner with LEVA Hotels on the construction of a new property or collaborate with them to transform an existing property with innovative design modifications, adding in elements of the LEVA brand which are tailored to the owner’s budget, instead of an imposition due to expensive design modifications. What makes LEVA’s model even more attractive is its competitive fee structure and economic cost-controlled models, a critical requirement in today’s market. These models allow LEVA to be cost-effective and profitable even when markets are buoyant.

Design centric - No two hotels are alike; each is unique and designed to be different, with soft modifications incorporating the key elements of the brand. Art helps us identify with one another and at every new destination, we make it a point to encourage and collaborate with local artists.

Discover the LEVA brand

Founded in 2018, LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel concept created to offer a fresh and more accessible perspective to the hospitality industry. Based on the Latin word ‘levatio’, meaning comfort, LEVA has an enthusiastic tribe of fans who have helped the brand’s flagship property, LEVA Mazaya Centre – Dubai, reach the number one spot on TripAdvisor just three years after opening.

The hotel is an example of the brand’s ability to transform a property quickly and effectively. In only six weeks, LEVA’s team took the project from bare concrete to completion, ready to welcome its first guests.

With three well-defined hotel experiences under its umbrella, it offers LEVA Hotels and Resorts for four stars and above; LEVA Hotel Residences for extended stays; and EKONO by LEVA that brings a millennial-friendly design and experience to the fore.

Already thriving in a competitive market by successfully operating two hotels in Dubai and an upcoming 5-star hotel in Uganda which is set to open by the end of Q4 2022, LEVA aims to expand its operations in Bahrain.

LEVA Hotels has plans to accelerate expansion through management models across key regions in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

To discuss hotel management partnership opportunities, contact us at development@stayleva.com or call +971 50 160 4924.

LEVA Hotel Management LLC: Hitting refresh on traditional hospitality, LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel brand and a hotel management company based in Dubai-UAE. Founded and led by hospitality entrepreneur JS Anand, LEVA’s memorable name is derived from Levatio , meaning “comfort” in Latin. For more information about LEVA Hotels, please visit www.stayleva.com

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